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Here at our farm our pigs and chickens graze on lush green pastures and forage, and are supplemented with a non GMO grain or organic spelt. We humanely care for our animals here on the farm. Taking care of them the way God has intended. We believe healthy soil and sunshine makes health meat and eggs.

Our animals are not certified organic . Yes our pastures are certified organic.

We offer a mixture of molasses and raw apple cider vinegar to our cattle , this helps with stomach and overall health of our cattle. As good stewards of what we have been blessed with ,if a animal does become sick, and all organic options have been exhausted to resolve the issue . We do use antibiotic's , but the animal is pulled out of our program! Your meat is 100% ANTIBIOTIC FREE!!!!

1#, 1/3# Beef Patties

1/3 # patties, 3 come in a 1 pound pkg.

10 BBQ Snack Sticks

10 - 1oz. sticks

4 pkg. Bundle of Chicken Drumsticks

This bundle is a great savings on these delicious Chicken drumsticks.

5 pound box of 1/3 # Beef Patties Box

This is a great way to feed the extended family and friends with a back yard BBQ....approximately 15 patties

Beef Fat and Suit

Beef suets are great to make beef tallow.

Breakfast Sausage Patties

Great choice for a breakfast sandwich...Put a sausage pattie with a fried egg and cheese between a homemade bun, makes an awesome on the go meal....

Chicken Bones

These bones are awesome to make broth for soups and bone broth....Also put in the chicken feet for more collagen in your soup or broth......

Chicken Hearts and Liver

The heart is still connected to the liver

Chicken Necks

Chicken necks are good for making Chicken Stock or you may prefer eating them - corn cob style!

Ham Slices (nitrate free)

1/2 in ham slice.

Italian Sausage (Brat Style)

Great for your campfires this summer!

Pork Bone-in Shoulder Roast

This is a great roast to make pulled pork or any roast you would like with the bone in will give it a great flavor.