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100% Grass-Fed Beef

Our 100% Grass -Fed Beef is out on our certified organic pastures to graze grass and forage , their entire lives. In the winter we supplement them with hay.

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Here at our farm our pigs and chickens graze on lush green pastures and forage, and are supplemented with a non GMO grain or organic spelt. We humanely care for our animals here on the farm. Taking care of them the way God has intended. We believe healthy soil and sunshine makes health meat and eggs.

Our animals are not certified organic . Yes our pastures are certified organic.

We offer a mixture of molasses and raw apple cider vinegar to our cattle , this helps with stomach and overall health of our cattle. As good stewards of what we have been blessed with ,if a animal does become sick, and all organic options have been exhausted to resolve the issue . We do use antibiotic's , but the animal is pulled out of our program! Your meat is 100% ANTIBIOTIC FREE!!!!

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